Mechanical structure and transmission design of high efficiency reciprocating spraying machine


  High efficiency automatic reciprocating spraying machine is suitable for high-speed reciprocating spraying of silicon, plastic keys and plastic flat shell. It adopts man-machine interface operation and servo manipulator drive to realize full-automatic mass production spraying. The top of spraying cabinet is equipped with high-efficiency filtering and air supply, which can achieve 10000 level purification and reduce the bad spraying particles. It has high efficiency and large output. Automatic electrostatic dust removal, spraying and drying are realized The machine is equipped with high-efficiency filtering and air supply, with high qualified rate of products and stable quality; it is free of spraying master; the mechanical structure and transmission design of reciprocating spraying machine are designed
  The main body of the machine is made of 100 mm x 100 mm aluminum profiles. A linear guide rail is installed on the bottom and top surface of the aluminum profile to ensure the stable operation of the tooling platform. The sliding block and tooling platform are made of aluminum alloy to ensure a certain strength while minimizing the running load and transmission inertia. The driving part of the system is driven by the super high speed servo motor. The synchronous belt pulley is made of aluminum alloy, and there is no reducer in the transmission to ensure the ultra-high speed operation of the system and the high-frequency and ultra-high-speed reversing in operation. The whole effective stroke is 800mm, and the maximum stroke is 850mm. The installation method is horizontal installation, and the repeated positioning accuracy is less than 2mm. The lubrication part of the product adopts built-in self lubrication and non lubrication system, which ensures low friction coefficient, high-speed characteristics and low noise.
  Electrical control of reciprocating spraying machine
  In this system scheme, the electrical and automatic control parts mainly include PLC controller products, which are characterized by Dual CPU, high communication speed and communication bus control ability, short scanning period and fast response speed. The servo adopts high-speed servo of 1.5KW, the maximum speed can reach 3000rpm, and the acceleration and deceleration speed can reach 3000rpm, The encoder has high resolution, which is characterized by fast dynamic response, strong load capacity and super fast acceleration and deceleration speed. The servo control mode adopts the point-to-point positioning control mode; the touch screen adopts 7.5-inch true color touch screen for system status monitoring, system operation, parameter setting, etc.; the proximity sensor adopts high-speed response proximity switch, which is used for the limit protection and operation of both ends of the system The response time of the whole control system is less than 50 ms.