Why is the quality and effect of spray painting more important than management?


  here are many factors affecting the quality of spray painting, mainly including: personnel, materials, equipment, site environment, etc., but these factors are inseparable from management. Perfect rules and regulations can improve the quality of spray painting
  Personnel management: the sense of responsibility of operators and the skills of operators are human factors that affect the quality of spray painting. First of all, we should strengthen the training of operators and improve their skills. Secondly, the operator should fix the post, position and responsibility. In addition, it is necessary to establish a system of assessment, reward and punishment, improve the consciousness, sense of responsibility and quality of the operators, and give full play to the subjective initiative of the staff.
  Material management: strictly control the quality of raw materials and improve the process guarantee of production. The technical personnel shall regularly or irregularly inspect the spray painting process documents, coating process implementation and coating equipment status; strictly control the production process and process parameters of each process. Establish quality control system, record daily and implement responsibility tracing system.
  Equipment management: the painting equipment is the hardware to ensure the coating quality. To meet the production requirements, the equipment must be in good technical condition, and perfect equipment use management rules and regulations should be established. Formulate equipment operation procedures, assign special personnel to be responsible for key equipment, regularly check the operation of equipment and record; reasonable equipment maintenance system to ensure the maintenance of equipment.
  Site environment management: install testing equipment in the paint spraying room, closely monitor the indoor painting environment to avoid the impact of the environment on the quality of spray painting; regularly clean the site environment; locate and quantify the articles on the production site to ensure smooth logistics.
  Spray painting management is to ensure the correct implementation of the process, as the saying goes, "three technology, seven management", so management plays an important role in the spray painting process